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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Baytown

Cardiac arrhythmias are abnormal heart rhythms. Although some patients with arrhythmias may experience palpitations, weakness, dizziness or fainting, other patients may have no symptoms at all.

Effective treatment requires an accurate diagnosis. This can be difficult since arrhythmias can occur infrequently and unpredictably and may be asymptomatic.

The type and duration of ambulatory electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring is dictated by the frequency of symptoms.

The mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) system is a small sensor and monitor that patients wear as they go about their daily lives. Whenever cardiac events occur, MCT instantaneously transmits the data to a center for analysis and response, which in turn sends a report along with graphs and trends to the Dr. Sami for diagnosis and therapy management.

When cardiac arrhythmias or related symptoms (palpitations, dizziness etc) occur less frequently than daily, MCT provides a convenient and effective alternative to 24 hour holter monitor. It’s superior ability to analyze the morphology of the electrocardiogram (ECG) helps identify arrhythmia cases that other devices miss.

MCT provides real-time monitoring and analysis, which is useful if a patient is asympotmatic (unaware that their heart may be out of rhythm) or if their symptoms are less frequent.

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